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Brick Repointing


Fixing all of your brick problems fast

When bricks are crumbling, you may need repointing work done. This process removes deteriorating mortar from the joints of a brick wall and replaces it with new mortar. This will restore the visual appeal and the physical integrity of the masonry as well as the building itself.

We can handle:

 * Individual homes and residential developments

 * Public buildings

 *Industrial and commercial properties

 * Historic buildings

 * Ecclesiastical buildings

 * Int/Ext Brick and Stone veneer

 * Flagstone/Brick patios and walkways

 * Brownstone/Sandstone repair

 * Formstone repair   

Our team is skilled in matching new mortar to the existing, and they are able to select what is best for the surrounding brick or stonework. Give us a call today to get started.

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